Timetable (2-5 years)


Acorns Day Nursery - Canterbury

"Children thrive in the exceptionally stimulating environment" - November 2013

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Routine of the day – Ladybird Room (2 years – 5 years)


Nursery opens – welcome children/parents carers into the nursery

8am - 9.30am

Free play


Registration time – we sing our good morning song and choose helpers of the day

9.30am - 10.15am

Snack bar – an opportunity for children to have a healthy snack

9.30am - 11.15am

Free play

11.15am - 11.25am

Tidy up time – children help their key person to tidy up

11.15am - 11.55am

Group time – children go into different groups e.g. key groups

11.55am - 12pm

Stories, songs then wash hands for lunch


Lunch time – adults support children to self serve and eat their lunch


Goodbye to morning children, hello to afternoon children

1pm - 2.50pm

Free play

2pm - 2.45pm

Snack bar – an opportunity for children to have a healthy snack

2.50pm - 3pm

Tidy up time

3pm - 3.30pm

Stories, songs and group games


Goodbye to some children

3.30pm - 4.30pm

Free play

4.30pm - 5pm

Tea time

5pm - 6pm

Free play


Nursery closes, goodbye to all children


Free play also includes adult directed activities. All children are planned for individually by their key person. Also during these times children have unlimited access to the garden.

Group time activities vary according to the day and ages of the children.

Acorns Day Nursery - Canterbury